Safely Return To Work

Getting your employees safely back to work is going to be a colossal task that requires tremendous planning. There will need to be modifications of the work environment, changes in employee behaviour and alterations in company structure and infrastructure. The approach will need to vary depending on the type of organisation but the same guiding principles apply. Organisations must safeguard the health and well-being of employees and clients or customers. Many people will be concerned and anxious about returning to work. Customers and clients will be concerned about visiting. Confidence will be key to getting things moving. People will want to know that your company is doing everything it possibly can to make the environment safe.

The government has already begun to release guidelines for “COVID-safe workplaces” and any return to work strategy must follow these. In addition, we believe that it is crucial for organisations to develop clinical strategies and protocols to safeguard employees, customers and clients on return to activity. Each organisation must have robust systems in place to monitor and respond to infection when it occurs. It is likely there will be a second (or even third) wave of infections and companies must be prepared to manage this.

Deciding Who Should go back to Work?

Employers will be reviewing their working structures, evaluating who can continue to work remotely. However, many employees will need to return to workplaces. It is important that they do so safely and with confidence: employees must feel protected and know that everything possible is being done to safeguard their health. This requires a bespoke approach, evaluating individual employees and their level of risk to themselves and others.

Corporate reasons for return must be evaluated alongside medical risk. From a medical perspective, we can assess risk based on medical history alongside our knowledge of COVID-19. We can also offer testing before return and ongoing as part of a programme to mitigate risk in the workplace and reassure employees, clients and customers.

Test, Test, Test

It is clear that Covid-19 is going to influence lives globally for a significant period of time to come. Early on, Covid-19 testing was identified as a key part of the response- “test, test, test” said the Director-General of the WHO. Indeed those countries with widespread rigorous Covid-19 testing have fared much better and it is clear that testing will be an ever-present vital part of managing risk and our response to outbreaks. It is here to stay.

We can offer different types of Covid-19 testing to detect the people who have already been exposed, have antibodies and may, therefore, be viewed as a lower risk to themselves and also transmission. These are a tool to be used alongside other assessments and in the context of their limitations. We would only recommend using approved Covid-19 tests (both our Covid-19 antigen test and Covid-19 antibody tests are approved by Public Health England) with results interpreted and acted on in line with government guidance. It adds vital information as part of the risk minimising process. Alongside this, we can test employees for the presence of the virus prior to re-entering the workplace (currently performed by a PCR test on a swab sample). This testing would be part of an ongoing programme to detect and respond to cases and minimise transmission.

Our Testing Expertise
Enables Your Staff To Return To Work Safely

We provide high quality, competitively priced testing plans for a wide range of private and public sector businesses, with workforces ranging from 5-10,000 employees – including those working from home. Our knowledgeable Account Managers understand the requirements of different workplace settings and can advise on the most appropriate COVID testing plan for you.

Travel and Hospitality - Return to work

Travel & Hospitality

Airlines, airports, hotels and other businesses that cater to a UK wide or international customer base are particularly keen to minimise the introduction of Covid-19. We work with a host of organisations to ensure the welfare of staff and customers.

Professional Sports Teams

Whether you are working on a football pitch or in a Formula One team, workers in the sports industry are unable to practice social distancing, so regular accurate screening is crucial when ensuring teams are ready to play on schedule.

Return to Work Professional Sports Teams

Covid Testing in Care Homes

Care Homes

Our experienced testing in care homes have benefited staff, patients and families alike, reducing the rate of transmission in care homes and allowing facilities to remain open. Asymptomatic testing reduces the risk of unwittingly spreading the virus among some of the most vulnerable people in society.

& Food Processing

Conditions in food processing and manufacturing plants have proven to increase the danger of a localised coronavirus outbreak. Rapidly screening frontline workers minimises the risk to staff and public safety. Regular testing of asymptomatic workers reduces the risk of closures and enables the return to work.

Return to Work Manufacturing and Food Processing

Productions and Events return to work with regular COVID testing

Productions & Events

Our guaranteed 24-hour testing to providing the results means production teams can continue working at maximum capacity, ensuring that the show can go on no matter how tight the deadline or budget.

Construction & Engineering

A regular programme of testing helps identify and control the potential spread of COVID-19 across a site, where social distancing can be impossible. A workplace testing programme supports on-time, on-budget delivery by reducing the risk to employees and contractors with mission-critical expertise.

Construction & Engineering Workers Return to Work Post Covid

Retail, Commercial and Others Return to Work

Retail, Commercial and Others…

Our Account Management team can talk you through the testing options for specific workplaces including office-based teams, retail space, schools and more.

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