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Restrictions on travel are changing every day due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. We are presently seeing an increasing need for COVID 19 flight test to gain entry to many countries. For an up to date and accurate list of country entry requirements for COVID PCR testing please visit Foreign Travel Advice at GOV.UK.

We are able to offer COVID 19 flight test within a 24-hour period which will give you the necessary COVID PCR laboratory report to enter these countries with no restrictions.

RT-PCR (Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction) antigen testing is the gold standard, quick and accurate way of identifying any trace of current Covid-19 infection in the body. Importantly, it doesn’t identify if someone has previously had the infection, it only returns a positive result if the person has the disease and could be infectious.

The PCR swab test detects the presence of the virus on the swabs taken from the throat and nose of the patient. Therefore it tests for active infections, meaning that if the patient is infected he or she could be transmitting the virus to others.

This test plays an important role in controlling the spread of the virus.

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What is a COVID-19 PCR test?

A COVID-19 PCR test looks for the presence of genetic material from the COVID-19 virus within a swab or saliva sample. These tests are commonly referred to as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. Antigen tests look for parts of the virus.

What is the difference between Antibody test and PCR test?

Antibody Testing

This relates to the IgG test that detects the presence of antibodies in the blood which indicates that the person being tested has had the infection in the past or some form of previous exposure to the virus in the community.

Antibody testing can provide useful information about a person’s assumed immunity to this virus i.e. it can tell you if you have had the virus recently.

Please note that some people do not develop antibodies even after proven infection with COVID 19.

The PCR (Swab) Test

This test detects the current presence of the coronavirus from swabs taken from e.g. the throat and nose of the subject. Therefore it tests for active infections, meaning that if the person is infected – he or she could be transmitting the virus to others.

This test plays an important role in controlling the spread of the virus in the workplace and the community and allows identification of those who should be quarantined or given access to treatment.

Why is testing important?

Many people can have coronavirus but show none or only mild clinical symptoms. This means they can infect people around them unknowingly. Recent studies and a speech from Prof. Chris Whitty (presented on 11th May 2020)(1), suggest that a high percentage of patients show none or only mild-moderate clinical symptoms that do not require hospitalisation. This is why the spread of coronavirus is creating major logistical and operational problems for businesses, with no way of predicting how long the pandemic will last or the impact it will have on both re-opening and productivity into the future.

The relaxation of lock-down will result in new clusters of infection as people and workers come back together. This will also present a challenge to both HR teams and the employees themselves in being able to distinguish between the common cold and flu symptoms from those of coronavirus. Without a clear indication of infection, this may result in many self-isolation requests and heightened anxiety in the workplace. With self-isolation comes a reduction in productivity.

The application of safety measures and social distancing inside offices, warehouses and factories may not be sufficient to ensure the safety of workers and customers. It may not be financially possible or feasible in every workplace to install every precaution or safety measure to keep people apart and from physical contact.

There is growing concern that it is “too soon” to return to work. Many employees will have thoughts of “I’m not happy going back to work yet” with worries about exposure to the coronavirus at work. (2) How does an employer give confidence to their workforce and how does an employee gain reassurances or peace of mind?

What does the COVID-19 PCR test involve?

The COVID-19 PCR test requires a throat swab sample to be collected by our registered nurse and sent back to our UKAS registered laboratory for testing.

PCR & throat swabs are being used to rule out COVID-19 infection before travel or resuming other activities. We can issue certificates for travel within 24 – 48 hours depending on your requirements.

What should I do if my COVID-19 PCR throat swab test is positive?

If your COVID-19 PCR test is positive our nurses will advise through the next steps. You and your household will need to isolate.

For further guidance please visit NHS website here

COVID-19 Flight Tests

What we can guarantee

We will work as best we can to get your test processed as quickly as possible. We are confident that the timelines we have advised as above are achievable in almost all cases.

What we can’t guarantee

We can’t guarantee the times described below. While it’s very unlikely that we won’t achieve these targets, we need to make all travellers aware that the lab we use, while one of the UK’s best and largest, is experiencing very high volumes of requests and therefore results are occasionally delayed.
We cannot take responsibility for any travel disruption, but rest assured, we will be working with you all the way to make sure your travel is successful.

Our guarantee of a 24-hour turnaround for test results for our COVID 19 Flight Tests, we would advise that the test (once preformed) is sent back to our laboratory no later than 12pm on the day the test is taken. If this time is missed we can not guarantee that you will receive the results back by the following 24 hours.

Our table below shows you an example of our delivery of your COVID 19 Flight Test, test date and then the result date if you return the test on time. All our deliveries are made on next day shipping (free of charge) Monday to Friday with an additional cost for Saturday delivery.

Order Date

(Order before 12pm)

Deliver Date
Test Date

(Return before 12pm)

Result Date
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Wednesday Thursday Friday Monday
Thursday Friday Saturday Monday
Friday Monday Unless paid for Saturday delivery Monday Tuesday

Postal Service

A home testing service is available on our website. If you order a kit before 12 midday Monday – Friday it will be dispatched the same day and should arrive with you the following day. Orders placed after 12 midday Monday – Thursday will be shipped the following day, arriving with you two days after an order. Orders placed after midday on Friday will be dispatched on Monday and should arrive with you on Tuesday. You can then post the kit back to our laboratory.

Samples returned via Royal Mail Priority Post Boxes, Monday to Friday, should reach our laboratory in the following 24 hours. Once a sample is delivered to the laboratory, the laboratory usually takes 24 hours to process the test.

The postal service is not suitable for those with a Saturday or Sunday ‘test’ date.

Please check which date you need to test to meet your particular requirements before you purchase a kit online. If you need to test on a Saturday or Sunday, the postal service will NOT be suitable for you. You will need to come into one of our Milton Keynes-based clinics for testing. Please contact us to make a booking.

Covid 19 Flight Test - Priority Post Boxes

All customers purchasing the COVID 19 PCR tests must use their own judgement regarding the most suitable date to purchase, carry out and return the testS to us.
Pure Medical Group LTD cannot be held responsible for any test timelines and associated outcomes affecting travel.